Key Objectives of The Experts Network


The Experts Network is a small, exclusive club of CEOs, CFOs and other senior managers of professionally-run Hi Tech/Hi Growth companies with an international focus headquartered in the Swiss Romandie area . Executives from the Venture Capital/advisory community complement this group.

The Club's primary goal is to promote networking within this small community. The secondary goal is to disseminate information deemed useful by a majority of the Club's members through informal dinner meetings, featuring one ore more speakers and topics, which form the basis of interactive discussions and debates.

Core Values of The Experts Network.

  • All members and guests are all of equal standing.
  • Mutual respect for the privacy, and confidentiality of those attending, and their organizations will ensure free and easy communication and discussion.
  • Sharing experiences, developing friendships and providing mutual support will increase attendees knowledge and broaden their opportunities.
  • Care in the selection of members and guests will preserve the values and quality of this organization as it grows.
  • The Experts Network and its activities will be characterized by excellence, quality and openess.

Code of Conduct for members of the Experts Network

  • Experts Network gatherings will be informal with no membership dues, each participant paying his/her own share of a dinner/other event
  • The members will be selected through referrals from existing members only.
  • Each member is encouraged to invite a minimum of 2 guests per year.
  • The onus is on the member to inform his guests about the organisation's core values.
  • Each member agrees to miss no more than 3 meetings per year.
  • Each member is requested to arrive on time for meetings, no more than 15 minutes after the set start time
  • Each member who is registered for a dinner but who is unable to attend muct cancel 24hrs in advance or else pay CHF100 fee.